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Family Law

Family Law

Family is at the center of our practice

Family law can be complicated and highly emotional so you want to ensure that you have a experienced, compassionate representation to protect you. At Stockwell & Clark, we are experienced in all aspects of divorce, debt and asset division, custody and support issues as well as paternity and adoption matters.


Perhaps more than any other field, family law is inherently emotional because the cases are about people’s biggest life choices and corresponding feelings of failure, anger or loss.  Helping people when they were going through such a difficult time is our calling.


A recent legal article identified 11 things a “good” divorce attorney should know.  Those 11 things can be distilled down to 3 basic categories:

  1. Know the law—not just regarding family law but have a good understanding of tax law, real estate law, business law…
  2. Possess excellent litigation skills—understand the importance of discovery, know how to effectively present a case to the court, know your judges (every judge has their preferences and own way of doing things)…
  3. Possess excellent people skills—understand the psychological overlay that is part of family law, be compassionate, be a good listener and an even better negotiator.


With over 30 years of experience in business, litigation and legal practice, the attorneys of Stockwell & Clark meet that definition of a “good divorce lawyer” in spades!  Because there is no “typical” case in family law, you need an attorney who has the experience and ability to assess your case and to advise you properly. You need an attorney with a thorough understanding of the law, accounting and financial matters. But most importantly, you need an attorney with the skills of a litigator, a negotiator and a mediator.  At Stockwell & Clark, we have that experience!


At Stockwell & Clark, family is at the center of our practice.  We understand that a family law matter can be emotional and difficult.  We are here to help you through the process and to effectively build a strategy to protect you and your family. No one will work harder for your family than our family.


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